File No.058   File No.057
    Mars Blox   Vertebreaker
File No.056   File No.055   File No.054
Voom Bandit   Hyper Wrecker   Poison Ivy
File No.053   File No.052   File No.051
Surfite2   Juice Box   Low-cust
File No.050   File No.049   File No.048
Mighty Propz   Lava Soul Dripz   BAT SEMI
File No.047   File No.046   File No.045
'59 Cadillac   '58 T-Bird   Tangellusion
File No.044   File No.043   File No.042
Sweet Metal   Superfine Turbine 2   Spoiler Sport'04
File No.041   File No.040   File No.039
BAT TREK   Beetle Juicer   G-Liner
File No.038   File No.037   File No.036
Velvet Bullet   Riviathan   Pontiac 3000
File No.035   File No.034   File No.033
Burn Evil 2   Flame Scream   J-Bomb
File No.032   File No.031   File No.030
Red Lam   Low-D   Vicky Mouse
File No.028   File No.027   File No.026
Johnny Bird   Burn Evil   Phanclopz
File No.025   File No.024   File No.023
Bat Sled   Low Arrow   Batmobile 13
File No.022   File No.021   File No.020
Lime Eight   Rocket 8   Ranchellac Wagon
File No.019   File No.017   File No.016
Ranchellac   '64 FORD   Grilldsteak bandit
File No.015   File No.014   File No.010
SWeet Crate   Demon 13   Moon Cat
File No.009   File No.008   File No.007
Everything Evilthing   Elcandy   SALEEN Pony-up
File No.006   File No.004   File No.002
Tsunami Cuda   Stude Vader   The Phantom of
the Opera
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